Jared came and did a Refuse to Be a Victim seminar at a local restuarant for some co-workers and myself. He had asked us ahead of time what areas we wanted him to be more specific about so he did not spend time on areas our group didn’t need. His presentation was very informative without losing our interest or just using scare tactics. When the class was over we could not believe it had been 4 hours. The self defense items he brought to class were great since we were able to see how they worked and the different options available for many different situations. I truly believe everyone should take this seminar, especially ALL young adults and women, however men need this information too.

Lee Rasmussen
Satisfied Customer

Jared recently conducted a concealed weapons training for me and around 20 other coworkers. He did the training on site, and I was very impressed with his ability not only to come to us but the efficiency in which he carried out the training for a large group of people. He was very knowledgeable, took time to make the class informative as well as entertaining, and took the time to make sure everyone’s questions were answered. We had a former police officer in the class who comments that Jared was the most knowledgeable trainer that he has had outside of law enforcement. I had a great experience with Jared and his training and would recommend him to anyone. Thanks, Jared!!

David Palmer
Satisfied Customer

I’m highly satisfied with the concealed firearm certification provided by Mr Olschewski. He delivered the instruction in a professional and friendly manner. I can vouch to his credentials as an experienced and certified NRA firearm instructor.

Mike Perkins
NRA Training Counselor and customer

Jared’s course was one of the more informative trainings I’ve been to. He stressed safety while not boring us to death. The way he presented his material was outstanding. You can tell that he actually believes and is fully involved with his material. Thank you Jared!

Andrew M. Neeley
Satisfied customer and business owner

I found Jared’s training to be highly effective and full of pertinent information. I took the class because I am an active community participant and feel that it is every citizen’s duty to help promote and secure the common good. I have had firearms since I was a kid and have had substantial military training as well, but had never had anything this specific as it related to carrying laws. Hopefully I will never have use a weapon in self defense, but it is reassuring to me to know that I now have the ability to do so legally, if I am ever called upon to defend my loved ones. OFT helped me to attain this goal quickly and efficiently. Jared’s knowledge and expertise in the concealed firearms arena come out in the confidence he displays while teaching the course. It was a fun experience. David Stryker

David Stryker
Regional Manager

I recently attended a CCP course that Jared presented. Having taken a course from another instructor awhile back I thought that this course would be just a repeat to satisfy the requirements. I was pleasantly surprised to find Jared’s course to be much more informative as well as very professionally presented. I learned many things that apparently were just glossed over in my previous experience and I feel more confident that I have the appropriate information to be effective and responsible with my CCP. Thanks Jared. Great course!

Jim Root
Business Owner and customer

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